Hacking Women

Hacking Women - Men often wonder how to get what they want out of women. Whether it's a certain type of behavior, a desired outcome,  or simply consistency.  It's important to understand that the male and female brain operates very differently.  There are fundamental differences in wiring and operation that men need to understand in order to handle women.

Pets Are Not Children

Nothing drives me more crazy than women equating pets to children.  Most notable, are childless women doing this.  Women with children may call pets a member of the family, but by no means call them their 'furbaby'.  Calling pets children is degrading to real parents. You want to know why?  Oh let me list the ways…

LTR or ONS? 4 Screening Questions Men Use

Most "high value men" are either in a committed relationship or playing the field/"spinning plates".  They have very quick ways of determining if a woman is the time and energy to take seriously or not.  Here is how to recognize if you are being scrutinized for long term commitment.  If a man doesn't ask you any of these types of questions, it's a bright red flag that he's just in it for the fun.

Taking Responsibility

Breakups Happen.  To Everyone. Girls today are exceptionally creative when it comes to dodging blame.  Trust me, men see through this B.S. and a man who doesn't either a) doesn't care because he just wants to bang or b) is naive.  I'm not sure which is worse.  A real man will call you out on your B.S.  It sucks, but being held personally accountable for your flaws and faults is the best way to move forward.

Don't Ruin Your Man

Most women think they want an Alpha, that they are the most attractive of the two. They have high testosterone, killer bodies, are healthy financially, and dominate all aspects of life.  They are the hardest eggs to crack when it comes to commitment.