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Coming Soon to Real Red Pill Woman

Coming Soon to Real Red Pill Woman

I have so much to write about. Here are some of the forthcoming topic ideas I have to share.  If you would like to hear a certain topic addressed, please let me know in the comments or contact me via email located on the contact page.

Taking No for an Answer - How being assertive or questioning undermines your relationship.  Here is how to present your opinion without disagreeing, when it matters and when it does not.

Quit Making Excuses - The most common lies we tell ourselves to avoid accountability.  

A Working Woman's Guide to the Workplace - How to behave at work and represent your man well in his absence.  This has long reaching effects.

RPW Social Media Etiquette - What you post online and who you 'friend' doesn't only represent you, it reflects publicly on your man.  I'd like to list some red pill woman etiquette guidelines if you MUST indulge.

Pets Aren't FurBabies - While having a pet in a relationship is a good indicator of the parenting skills and patience one can have, as well as instilling discipline and drawing lines, they are NOT children and should never be treated or thought of as such. 

7 Signs of Long Term Incompatibility - Breaking down the hidden signs we often don't want to see when it comes to vetting a man for a long term relationship.

He is NOT your Roommate - Cohabitation can be tricky - married or not - especially with the man you love.  Advice on how to deal with "roommate problems" respectfully. 

Healthy Replacements for Junk Food - Carbs and sugar are everywhere and the enemy of good health.  I will talk about some favorite snacks and replacements with simple ingredients that will feed the craving and keep your family healthy.

Why He Loves When You cook - The importance of why men focus on cooking as an indicator of a quality woman and what it truly means to him.  Spoiler alert: it's NOT convenience or laziness.

Get Off Your Phone - The damaging effects of the cell phone era on relationships.  Guidelines on how to use your phone in his presence and the benefits of transparency. 

The Feminism LIE - Why what we were told isn't true, and our inherent beliefs are false.  How to overcome and let the truth make you a better woman.

LTR or ONS?  4 Screening Questions Men Use - Most "high value men" are either in a committed relationship or playing the field/spinning plates.  Here is how to recognize if you are being scrutinized for long term commitment or just another conquest. 

Money Matters - Frugality is a must in this day and age.  Nothing makes a man more turned off than a financially irresponsible woman.  This will talk about tips on saving money now and for the future. 

What is a Red Pill Women - A look into what a red pill woman truly is and what she is not.  There are a lot of frauds out there Ladies!

Got a topic you'd like to read first? Let me know!

Be well.
  -- RRPW

5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves

5 Common Lies Women Tell Themselves

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