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Hacking Women

Hacking Women

Men often wonder how to get what they want out of women. Whether it's a certain type of behavior, a desired outcome,  or simply consistency.  It's important to understand that the male and female brain operates very differently.  There are fundamental differences in wiring and operation that men need to understand in order to handle women.

Here are a few examples:  Men think in the what, women think in the why.  When a problem arises, men think in terms of solutions, women think in terms of fixes.  Men are rational, women are emotional.

The way to get what you want out of a woman - Give her choices.  It's that simple.

Let's say the woman "doesn't feel" like dressing up for a date night.  He plans the date, makes reservations, is dressed appropriately. She shows up ready to go wearing jeans and a sweater and sneakers.  If a man says nothing and takes her out, he is rewarding her for being lazy and not putting in any effort to look her best.  Guess what, this behavior will repeat and likely get worse.  If the man were to say "Look, you know we are going to XYZ restaurant and I expect you to be dressed appropriately as I am.  You have 2 choices.  Go back and rethink your outfit and presentation and be ready in 5 minutes or you can stay home and I'll see you later.  Decide now." 

There is no argument or conversation to be had. If she starts bitching and complaining or tries to argue, just leave.    Only return if she texts you in 5 minutes with a picture of her dressed self, ready to go.  If she continues to hamster, turn off your phone and go out and enjoy yourself.  She was given a decision and made a choice.

The next date, she may ask her man how he would like her to dress, or ask for input on what to wear. She may phrase it like "what are you wearing?".  This isn't flipping the script, this is her wanting to know what level of expectation she must meet.  Her asking her man what to wear or how to dress is a GOOD thing.  It means that she is putting his expectation above her personal feelings.  Whether a woman want's to dress up or not, when she hears his sincere compliment as they walk out the door, and sees him treating her like a lady throughout the date, she is fully rewarded and happy.

If you want her to dress a certain way for bedroom activities, lay out an outfit and give her instructions.  If she pushes back, tell her she has a choice - Go get ready or this is over.  A man must set the expectation and reward a woman for meeting it.  A man who thinks a woman should be able to read his mind is a weak and/or lazy man.  Over time his expectation becomes the norm.  When she gets lazy or gives push back on the things that you have set the standard for, it's time to question her intentions in the relationship. 

A man must be understanding, but he must not let his empathy or sympathy get in the way of his leadership.  A man knows that no woman is 100%, 100% of the time.  Women have mood swings and need 'down days' where they can just shut down and relax to recharge. A man must know and predict, acknowledge these occasional time-outs.    At the same time he must know how to bring the ship around back to active duty, 

In a relationship, everything is a choice.  In order to hack a woman's brain, a man must understand that the ability to give her a choice wields power.  Why? Because women want to please, want to be accepted, want to be loved.  Knowing the expectations and consequences is a fair way of letting them decide if being with this man is what she really wants.  If it's no longer worth it to her, the signs of her checking out will become fairly obvious.   This allows you both the self-respect to be honest with one another and take alternative paths away from one another in life.

It is important to understand that giving women choices does take training.  Women will falter.  Women will need reminders. 

Most women are not used to having to deal with the consequences of having it their way all the time.  They are used to men bending to their will, and this is why they have always ended up unhappy with these types of men. 

Women crave leadership. They love being rewarded.  While they are not used to having to work or earn loyalty, love, and trust, once they understand the reward of meeting a man's expectations, they enjoy falling in line and find it a source of pride.

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