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I'll Never Be a 10! Why Bother?

I'll Never Be a 10! Why Bother?

When women first discover the red pill, it's usually through content intended for men.  There is a deep phase of anger mixed with depression that many women go through when they realize that these men are rating women on a HB (hot body) scale and it seems like looks are only what matters.  Many women think to themselves, I will never be a 10 - An 'alpha' male will never want me. Why should I even try?


We first need to realize that women associate 'alpha' with being a 'good' or 'high quality' man, but as I explained in my article "Don't Ruin Your Man", men are always a mix of the two.  There are many dichotomies that get into this, but this isn't the time for that.  Let's talk about why women get upset at this phase of coming to, and what it truly means to accept the fact that you will never be 'perfect' for every man and coming to terms with it.

No Excuses

A lot of women use the excuse "I'll never be a 10" to be unladylike (read between the lines). A 5'7 guy will never be 6'2, should he give up and just be an angry incel? Of course not. He hits the gym, kicks butt in life and is finally settles down with a woman he loves and is good to him.  At this point in his life, is he telling his buddies his wife's HB rating? Of course not!   Honestly, the male lingo of rating women is often code for she is hot (a 9) or she's ok (a 6), but there's something I like about her.  Otherwise, they wouldn't be talking about her.

Your SMV and RMV are Subjective

So you think you are a 5, maybe a 6.  You control what you can, get fit, dress feminine, and you are maybe pushing a 7.  However, you are good at what you choose to do in life, have a variety of interests, and a great demeanor. You anticipate the needs of others, are kind, love to cook, or express your care in other ways and aren't afraid to show it.

Your RMV is higher than most, and you instantly become more attractive to most men than the average 7.  More so than the unladylike 9 that has bad manners, acts entitled and can't put down her phone for longer than 10 seconds.

9's and 10's Aren't All That

Men know that 9's and 10's are not used to having to work for a man's attention or even lift a finger to get it. They don't have to try to be better because they think they automatically deserve better (and the world treats them as such).  Now I'm speaking in generalities here.

A woman doesn't have to be 'smart' to attract a man, but she does have to have emotional intelligence and be able to carry a conversation and represent him well.  He brings her around the people who matter to him. He shows her his pride (her value) through his actions.

A woman doesn't have to think she's beautiful to be beautiful, she has to be able to know that her man thinks she's beautiful, and she radiates.   Men do this through actions more than words.  Is he having sex with you at the end of the night? There's your answer.

A man parading around a 9-10 with nothing to offer other than a nice body and pretty face only goes so far to impress other men. Sure, he'll get a high 5 or an envious look, but once she starts complaining or flirting with his friends, he's more embarrassed than if he walked in with a homeless woman.

Don't Let Your "#" Predict Your Behavior

So, some guy tells you that he thinks you are a 5 or a 6 (not sure what guy would do that but for example sake).  You can get attention from men, usually later in the night, and getting laid is easy.  Why? Because you seek sexual validation from men by internalizing that you don't think you will get it any other way…You will never be a 10 right? So why bother being a respectable woman when no man of value would consider you anyway? 

By validating yourself through attention seeking behavior or by accepting sexual attention from men as a compliment, you are lowing both your SMV and RMV values.  No man wants to wife up or even date a known "unladylike" woman.

Men know that the lower a woman thinks her value is, the easier it is to game her.  9's and 10's are used to getting sexual attention from men, wanted or unwanted, so it's harder to run game on them.  Men lower your value by lowering their efforts of pursuit and get the intended result.

Want to be a seen as a high quality woman?  Don't just do your best to present yourself like one, ACT like one.  Don not have sex right away and show him other ways that you appreciate him.  When he comes to the realization that most 9's and 10's are not worth the headache, he will see what you have to offer with a new perspective. 

Boys focus on HB values and SMV.  Men see past the "numbers" and when they are ready, they will find you.  So hold steady, keep your value high. Keep those legs closed.  There isn't happiness in a high notch count. Exactly the opposite. 

More on that another time.

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