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It's Your Fault You're Fat

It's Your Fault You're Fat


If there is one thing that I cannot stand, it's when someone refuses to take responsibility for something they obviously can control.   We are in an epidemic of obesity, and the whole "Fat Acceptance" and "Big is Beautiful" movement is mentally and physically unhealthy and immoral.  Imagine telling the world that alcoholics are people too and we need "Drunk Acceptance".  Who care if they are consuming themselves to death? "Passed Out is Beautiful" right!?

Social stigmas exist for a reason.  Why does slut shaming exist? To try to guide women to protect themselves from destroying their reputations and mental stability.  Shaming is only bad when it is used to simply hurt someone's feelings, to tear them down with the purpose of destroying them.  Shaming can have good intentions as well.  It can help divert a person's behavior to fall more in line with social norms that are healthy for themselves, and for society.

Instead of making people responsible, social justice warriors are trying to change the definition of 'normal'.  It is the worst consequence of entitlement. It is the promotion of lack of responsibility and accountability in every aspect of life.  This mindset breeds excuses, and we all know what they are:

I have [insert whatever disease/condition of the day]

In most cases, medical conditions are a symptom of an underlying problem - you are putting crap into your body.  It's making you fat, it's preventing your body from functioning correctly.  It's pretty amazing when people start eating clean and controlled, whether is juicing or keto, many illnesses start to disappear - diabetes, immune responses that cause inflammation, metabolic disorders, and as cholesterol lowers, the liver and heart become healthy again.  The body is amazing at healing itself. But you can't heal the sick with poison. 

Look, I don't care if you have PCOS, thyroid disease, Cushing's disease, etc.  I know women between the ages of 25-65 missing reproductive organs and/or their thyroid after a multitude of issues, most with these types of problems to varying degrees.  The difference between the fat and the not fat ones?  The fat ones gave up or half-ass any effort and then fall back to bad habits.  They think, I'll always be this way, why bother, "I can't lose weight". The slender ones WORK for it and eat right. It's not a diet or exercise plan, it's the way they live LIFE.   They could be lazy, give up and be fat too.  The difference is DISCIPLINE

Nothing Works, I've Tried Everything

This is what they say as they clearly demonstrate that they are now trying the Pizza and Diet Coke diet.  That's not going to work sweetie.  I know it's tough, especially as you get older, to keep working to be healthy and fit in a world determined to make you fat.  Just walking through the grocery store, I realize I only really shop the outer edges.  All the aisles are filled with boxes and bags of carbs, sugar, and unhealthy processed garbage specially designed and packaged to draw us in and think - Eating this will make me happy. 

If you really think you've tried everything, you already have a mindset to fail.   There is no trying to lose weight or be healthy, that is just a byproduct of making good food choices, eating responsibly, and making an effort to cook healthy food.   97% of everything you need to make good food can be found in the produce, meat/seafood, and dairy sections (stay out of the bakery!).    Eating clean is really simple and joyful. 

Food Makes Me Feel Good

Many people become overweight because they are using food as a therapist.  They eat their feelings.  Yes, food can make you feel good.  The worst types of food for you are often associated with some of the best times of our lives - especially as children.  Nostalgia is a powerful motivator.  Some say that food has never rejected them, they find comfort in food. This is a slippery slope, and the second you start to feel this way, you need to go see a behavioral therapist to deal with the underlying issues that cause these feelings.  You are well on your way to developing an addiction.

You know what else feels good?  Zipping up a sexy dress and seeing your man's jaw drop before you head out on a date.  The hands of your man over a body you don't feel ashamed of.  The feeling that you deserve love.  THAT FEELS GOOD.  I'd rather be in a love burrito than love eating a burrito.

I Can't/Hate/Don't Have Time to Exercise

90% of us HATE to exercise, but we do it anyway and never have a regret when we are finished.  If you don't have 30 mins to an hour a few days a week to get on an elliptical or go for a jog, your priorities are out of line.  If you have joint or other physical issues, there is still plenty you can do - swim, cycle/spin, do mid to upper body exercises or yoga. 

There is nothing I hate more than the social media gym rats.  You see these women go to the gym, do a half-assed walk on a treadmill or sit on a machine playing on their phones, and then post on social media that they spent an hour in the gym!  Really, and you aren't sweaty? What a workout! You go girl!  SMH  Don't be one of those. 

The gym can be intimidating. The first thing to remember is that all factors that prevent you from going to the gym can be mitigated.  No one is looking at you, but if you are insecure find a place or time you can go where you feel comfortable.  Need help with machines? Ask a female trainer or worker to show you the ropes.  Attend an all-female class (they kick your butt at first but hanging in there even if you can't keep up is respected).  If your anxiety is preventing you from doing things you want to do, talk to your doctor or therapist.

Ladies, if you are fat or overweight, it's your fault. 

I know it's hard to hear.  I know everyone is different. But in this life, there are few things we can directly control, and our weight, our lifestyle, and ultimately our health are some of those things.   It takes work, it takes discipline, sometimes it takes an extra boost like getting your medications right or adding a few supplemental compounds.  If you make it a lifestyle, it will show. 

One last note - Ladies, if you don't do it for yourself, do it for your man, your relationship and for your family.  You never see a 80+ year old fat woman for a reason.  Protect the attraction in your relationship and your man's love for you by keeping yourself in shape.

I will be posting original healthy recipes and meal ideas in the future.  I tend to stick to a keto-centric low calorie meal lifestyle, which fits well with my man's nutritional needs and is very healthy for the kiddo.  I can only share what I have experienced works well so maybe it will help someone else.  That's my hope at least.

Comment below if you have something to say.

Be well.

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