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LTR or ONS? 4 Screening Questions Men Use

LTR or ONS? 4 Screening Questions Men Use

Does he want you for a Long Term Relationship or a One Night Stand?

Most "high value men" are either in a committed relationship or playing the field/"spinning plates".  They have very quick ways of determining if a woman is worth the time and energy to take seriously or not.  Here is how to recognize if you are being scrutinized for long term commitment.  If a man doesn't ask you any of these types of questions, it's a bright red flag that he's just in it for the fun.

He Asks About Your Father


When a man asks you about your relationship with your father, he is screening you for potential "daddy issues".  Having "daddy issues" is a known "slut tell" among men.  When a woman grows up without a strong father figure in her life, she is often unruly, disrespectful to men, and has trust issues.  You cannot love or bond with a man you don't respect and trust. 

He Asks About Your Post-Secondary Education


No, he doesn't care how smart you are or if you graduated summa cum laude.  He's really asking if you want to a party school, were in a sorority, or if you studied a non-feminine line of work.   A man respects a woman more if she attended her local junior college to get a teaching degree versus a woman who has a master's in criminal law and the six figure student debt that comes with it. 

He Asks if You Can Cook


Anyone can say yes and then try to fake it until they make it.  This is where knowing your recipes and way around the kitchen should show with confidence and joy.  Ask if you can get your phone to show him pictures, if you are in person. If it is online, send him some shots of your favorite meals that you have prepared.  PROVE it.  Don't like to or don't know how to cook?  If you act like you have no interest and laugh it off, he's going to view you as the type of woman that doesn't value taking care of the basics in a relationship.

He Asks If You Live Alone


Believe it or not, a woman who lives alone isn't "strong and independent", it's a red flag.  Men see that a woman living alone has no one to hold her accountable for unladylike behavior.  Many men would prefer a single woman live with her family or even with a roommate than alone in her own place.  You may be thinking, he asked because he is thinking about sleeping with you, and if you answer you live alone, pretty sure that's all he's going to  be thinking and nothing more. 

Different men put different weight on answers, but the truth usually puts you into one category or the other - a short term fling or eligible for possible long term commitment.  A man asking these types of questions is a GOOD thing.  Handle yourself accordingly.

Be well.

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